Monday, July 16, 2018

Florals in Navy Yard

Last week I was in D.C. for the Taylor Swift concert (it was so amazing, she put on such a fun show), and while I was there I decided to check out a potential wedding venue. Erik and I are having a long engagement, so we haven't really started planning the wedding yet, but we do know that we want to get married in D.C., and I'm hoping to book a venue sometime this fall or winter, so over the next few months whenever I'm in D.C. I plan on looking at a venue. This venue was called District Winery, it's a urban winery in the Navy Yard neighborhood. It has gorgeous views of the water from the rooftop patio. I'm a sucker for an ocean or river view, so I really liked this place. We got to District Winery before our appointment, so we decided to check out the Navy Yard neighborhood and walk along the water for a bit. It's really an up and coming neighborhood. I stayed here for a long weekend last summer, and it has already changed so much with new restaurants and shops sprouting up, and construction going on for new apartment buildings. It's a really cute neighborhood in D.C. that's far away from the crowds of tourists around the monuments and museums.

I picked up this dress from Nordstrom a few days before I left for D.C. I was returning some things, and this dress immediately caught my eye. I don't wear green too frequently, but this shade jumped out and me and I love the floral print on it. There's also a simple bow detail at the neckline that really elevates the dress. A few months ago I bought a midi length shirtdress and absolutely loved the length of the dress, so I've been on the hunt for more midi length dresses all summer, and was so pleased when I found this one. I'm 5'4" and every time I try on a maxi dress I feel like I'm drowning in the fabric, but I love not having to worry about a dress being long enough to cover everything. Midi dresses strike the perfect balance of those things for someone my height. I feel incredibly comfortable and carefree in a midi dress, without having to worry about it dragging on the floor. I also love how versatile this dress is. With flat sandals and a satchel type bag, it's casual enough for everyday, but dressed up with heels or wedges and a fun clutch, it would be the perfect dress for a summer wedding!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Weekly Window Shopping: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

With the Nordstrom Anniversary starting yesterday for cardholders and next Friday, July 20th, for everyone, I decided that this week's Weekly Window Shopping would be a roundup of a few of my favorite things from the sale.

I always buy one or two pairs of shoes each year at the Anniversary Sale. These flats immediately caught my eye. The bow is absolutely darling, while still being somewhat mature of a bow. These shoes could easily be worn to work, dressed up for a night out, or worn during the day with a pair of jeans. They come in 6 or 7 different colors, but I love the navy for fall. It's such an easy color to pair with, so it could go with everything.

I've gotten really into midi dresses over the past few months, and this dress is a great way to take this style into late summer and early fall. I love a classic plaid shirtdress, and the length makes this one even better. It would look great with brown loafers or booties, and is the perfect transition piece from summer to fall.

You can't go wrong with a timeless houndstooth print for fall and winter, and this short sleeve sweater nails it. The slightly puffed shoulder elevates this otherwise simple top. This top would be great for work with black dress pants and black pumps, or worn out at night with a black skirt and chunky heels or black booties. 

Living in the South, raincoats can be kind of tricky. Most of the time when it rains here it's too warm or sticky out to comfortably wear a raincoat, you'll be sweater within 2 minutes if you try, so I've mostly stuck to umbrellas for the past couple years. But since I'm moving up to New Jersey in two months, I know that I'll need a good raincoat for the fall. I love the large colorblock stripes on this coat. I'm a sucker for any shade of blue, and navy in particular, so this coat is right up my alley. They colorblock is playful and fun, but the colors themselves are neutral enough that the coat isn't childish at all. The chunky buttons are a gorgeous finishing touch. Kate Spade always impresses me with their coats.

I'm a total watch girl. I wear a watch almost everyday, and I have four of them in rotation right now. Sometimes I'll stack a bangle with my watch, but the watch is usually the starting point. I prefer leather straps to metal ones, and I've been looking for a good nude or brown watch for about a month now, and this one is perfect. The watch face is so chic and simple, and the double wrap of the strap adds some flair to it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2016 Far + Wide Frappato

This week's wine is a Winc wine. It's a 2016 Frappato, which is a grape native to Sicily. It's a relatively hard to find grape, and is typically blended Nero d'Avola to make a more commonly found Sicilian wine, Cerasuolo di Vittoria. The Frappato grape makes a relatively light-bodied wine, and it's closely related to the Sangiovese grape, so if you like Sangiovese wine you would likely like Frappato as well. This particular Frappatio is very interesting because it was grown near Mt. Etna. The volcanic soil in the region can really effect how the wine ends up tasting. It's what the French refer to as terroir; how the soil, climate, and environment can have a larger impact on the taste and smell of the wine than the grape varietal used. For example, grapes grown in soil that contains a lot of slate or limestone can produce wines that have more minerality than the same grape varietal grown in an earthier soil. Grapes grown in the Mt. Etna region produce wines that have a distinct volcanic taste and smell to them. They tend to be smokier and more peppery than a typical wine of the varietal. These smoky, volcanic notes are really interesting when found in a lighter, more delicate wine. It adds an unexpected complexity to the wine. One of my favorite wines is Etna Rosso, which is a wine made primarily from the Nerello Mascalese grape, and it comes from the Mt. Etna region. It's delicate and floral, like a Pinot Noir, but has that volcanic depth to it that makes you really stop and taste the wine in an effort to understand it. It's a wine that makes you think. Because of how much I've enjoyed Mt. Etna wines in the past, I was very excited to open this bottle of Mt. Etna Frappato.

This was a really interesting wine to smell and taste. When I sniffed it I got notes of bright red fruit, like red cherries and raspberries, and the slight burn of pink peppercorn in the back of my nose. The pepperiness was very consistent with the Mt. Etna region. When I sipped the wine I got stronger notes of red fruit, plum and a hint of cranberry in addition to the cherry and raspberry, but the pepperiness quickly overwhelmed the fruit and blended with a smokey note that I was expecting. Surprisingly, there was a bit of an herbal aftertaste to mellow out the pepperiness. I got very subtle notes of rosemary and thyme after I swallowed the wine. It was a very dynamic and interesting wine, that was still relatively approachable and easy to drink. It wasn't as delicate as Etna Rosso, it didn't have the same level of juxtaposition because it wasn't as floral, but it was still a very interesting wine. I paired with a turkey burger and grilled zucchini. The charred zucchini held up great to the pepperiness, but the turkey wasn't quite a strong enough meat for the wine. I think it would go great with a meat lasagna or baked ziti, something hearty and very Italian.